Leaving behind her successful career in Human Resource Management, Jeannie took a step towards her ultimate dream of opening a centre of excellence for Pilates and Fitness - a place where clients would experience unrivaled quality instruction by passionate and professional teachers. She established Create Pilates (formerly Creattiva Pilates) in 2008 in a cricket club and soon had enough clients to open a small studio in Surrey.     

In 2013 this dream became a reality with the opening of Create Pilates Raynes Park, Wimbledon - Jeannie is now the proud studio owner with a team of fantastic teachers.  

Jeannie has trained with internationally renowned Pilates organisations and educators - Body Control Pilates Association® for mat work rising to Level 4 REPS as a specialist instructor for back care.  Her studio training was undertaken with Polestar Pilates® - the worldwide provider of rehabilitation-based Pilates education.  

She works extensively in the field of rehabilitation and sports performance.  Her methods and workshops have seen Jeannie working largely with tennis professionals, skiers, golfers and runners.   

Jeannie has developed deep expertise with clients returning from injury and surgery, dealing with hypermobility syndrome, chronic pain and recovering from ill health.

Her deep experience, passion and knowledge often makes her the preferred Pilates specialist for top physiotherapists and consultants.